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SEO in 2018: Google RankBrain

SEO in 2018: Google RankBrain

Google – Ever Evolving Algorithm

Recently Google mentioned that RankBrain had become its third most important ranking factor when it comes to determining search query results and page ranks in those search queries.

RankBrain is machine learning or artificial intelligence system that helps Google understand the habits of it users, collects that data, and uses it to help determine search results provided in the future.

Complicated?  Sure sounds like it, but I assure you it really isn’t that hard to understand.

Lets Jump in and say you Google for Best SEO Tools:

How Google RankBrain Works:

Lets say you Googled Best SEO Tools and these are your results.  You jump and click the 4th one “10 Amazing & Best SEO Tools You Must Try in 2018 – SEO for Growth”.  You land on the page and spend 20 minutes reading all the content.  Google remembers that.

Lets then say you go back to the search results and click the first one – “The Best SEO Tools of 2018 |” and land on the page and you decide it looks terrible and click back. This is called bouncing, within a few seconds of landing on the page, Google Remembers once again.

All these habits, what is clicked on, how long the user stays on the page, where they go from that page, and how long it takes them, this is the data that RankBrain is devouring and using to determine search results.  If enough of the “what ifs” I stated above happen, number 1 will be dethroned and number 4 will rank higher because of these actions.

So basically RankBrain is looking at:

  1. Click Through Rate- How many people click on your search result
  2. Dwell Time – How long those people are staying on your page

What Does This All Mean?

It means Google is learning to care about the user experience in more ways than just page speed and keyword density.  They are beginning to look into actual user experience, user habits and defining an algorithm to determine if people are finding your content, your page and your site helpful, engaging and content rich.

Basically they are now saying, the longer you spend on that page, the more you must like the content they are providing.  It makes sense.  Top results in Google have a time of 3minutes 10 seconds or longer that a user spends on their pages.  Honestly that is not a long time, but is longer than I will spend on a site with bad content.  So find a way to make your content engaging.  Find a way to draw in the audience and keep them hooked, Google will notice and Google will rank you better for it.


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Top 10 SEO Tools of 2018

Top 10 SEO Tools of 2018

Here at are committed to helping people with their SEO endeavors. We aim to provide valuable information and direction to help those looking to learn about and enhance SEO on their websites. These recommendations are great for beginners and seasoned vets. Everyone will find something of value in this list. So without further delay, lets jump into the Top 10 SEO tools of 2018.

The Best Tools for SEO in 2018 – and how to use them to enhance your sites strategy in the competitive online market place!

SEO Tool #1 – Ahrefs: Competitor Research Tools

Where do I find it?

What is it? This is a one stop tool. Feature rich doesn’t even begin to explain it. Their star feature above anyone or anything else is their Backlink tracking. It is second to none. They also have the most accurate traffic analytics. Ahrefs also does keywords, brand mentioning, competitor tracking and more.

Pricing: 7 day trial for only $7 then Packages start at $99 a month.

Why it is worth it: This one tool will help you succeed this year. This is the tool used by top marketers online. Hence, why it takes the number 1 spot in our list. Although it may lack some features we will find in other tools in our list, this tool definitely delivers the meat of what you need to succeed. If your are looking to succeed in your digital marketing, outrank your competitors and gain top results in search engines like Google, Bing and more, this is the tool you will need. In fact, this is one tool, if you are going to spend any money on any tool, that you should spend it on. It cannot come more highly recommended by people in the online digital marketing space and SEO. We do not make any money by recommending them, there is no affiliate link here.

SEO Tool #2 SemRush: All In One Marketing Toolkit

Where do I find it? <-Affiliate Link, It helps us keep the doors open – the service won’t cost you anymore than visiting their site without a affiliate link.

What is it? Branded as the All In One Marketing Toolkit, this service is a Swiss Army Knife of online digital marketing and SEO. The amount of tools you get with this application is second to none for the price.

  • Backlink Tools
  • Keyword Tools
  • Traffic Analytics
  • On Page SEO Checking
  • Site Audits
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Content Audit
  • Much Much More!

Pricing: Packages start at $99 a month

Why it is worth it: Feature rich, data driven, deep analytics and a one stop shop, SemRush has it all. Calling this tool the Swiss Army Knife of online digital marketing tools is not an understatement. You will not find a better bang for your buck. This is a one stop shop, setup and log into SemRush and you will have everything you need in one place to dominate your SEO.

SEO Tool #3 HotJar: Webpage Usage Analytics

Where do I find it?

What is it? This tool helps you see how people use your site. They provide analytics and heat maps to show you where people click on your site the most.

Pricing: Business starts at $89 a month, They have special ones for individuals and startups, beginning at free for up to 2,000 page views a day and $30 a month for up to 10,000 page views a day. So, go try the free version, it can only help!

Why it is worth it: If you are in the business of selling stuff on your website, or trying to collect emails or just engage your audience, it is essential to know what and where they are clicking. What is working and what is not! What is grabbing their attention. The data and analytics help you see what your audience is doing on your website. Get the information you need to retain your audience and make your site more user friendly!

SEO Tool #4 Moz: SEO Software, Tools & Resources

Where do I find it?

What is it? Moz is an online community of SEOS, with guides, resources, free and paid tools. If you are new to SEO, we highly recommend checking out their SEO guides, Beginners Guide to SEO – and if you are looking to buy some online courses:

Pricing: There is some Free stuff and some paid stuff, The paid starts at $99 a month, but they have a 30-day free trial. Thats a long time to try out their stuff, so very worth it.

Why it is worth it: Moz is the largest online community of SEOs. Their tools are very good, their guide for beginners is awesome and their video series really stand out when it comes to course work to take to learn about SEO. Moz has made a name for themselves in the SEO space is used by many professionals.

SEO Tool #5 Yoast: SEO For Everyone

Where do I find it?

What is it? Most notably known for their WordPress SEO Plugin, Yoast as become an SEO household name for providing a great app when it comes to SEO on your WordPress site. They have expanded to know have a blog full or great information, as well as online courses in SEO

Pricing: They are some Free stuff and some paid stuff, The paid starts at $89 for their plugin, their course work starts at $199 I believe.

Why it is worth it: If you have a WordPress site, do yourself a favor and install their free plugin and give it a try. It will really help you when when it comes to creating great readable content and putting you on the right SEO path with your posts. Upgrade to the paid plugin when you are ready to take your site SEO to the next level!

SEO Tool #6 Pingdom: Website Performance Analysis

Where do I find it?

What is it? A tool to help analyze your website performance, including page load speeds, uptime and much much more.

Pricing: Free Trial available with packages starting at $11 a month or so at the time of this writing.

Why it is worth it: In today’s high speed world, speed well is everything. If your site doesn’t load quickly, you will loose audience. This tool is critical to help analyze your site uptime and page load speeds. Google in fact adjusts your rankings based off of page load speeds, so make sure you stay on top of them with PingDom.

SEO Tool #7 Keyword Research Tool

Where do I find it?

What is it? When planning a site or post, you need to target specific keywords, this tool will help you do just that and generate long tail keyword ideas.

Pricing: The free version is great! Does a lot for you, check out the pro starting at $29 a month for more features.

Why it is worth it: The Free version is all I use and works freaking great. So as they say, if it is free, it is for me. It is essential in todays SEO world to work smarter not harder. If you need a tool to find keywords to target for your site, stop here and work here first. Long tail keyword suggestions work awesome for me. I am planning to sign up for the $29 a month starter package and take advantage of the related keyword suggestion tool as well!

SEO Tool #8 Ontolo: Internet Marketing Tools

Where do I find it?

What is it? Tools to help build backlinks, SEO and Social Media management.

Pricing: Starts at $97 a month

Why it is worth it: This powerful suite of tools helps uncover opportunities in your niche market. This tool helps prospect for links, guest posting opportunities, tools to help build your SEO and manage Social Media engagement.

SEO Tool #9 SpyFU: Competitor Research Tool

Where do I find it?

What is it? Have competitors in the space your site is in? Wanting a better idea of keywords and ads used by others in your space? SpyFu gives you all the data about a website. Adwords keywords, organic ranking, ad variations, SpyFu has it all.

Pricing: Starts at $33 a month

Why it is worth it: In todays online world testing out your own keywords and SEO is critical, but staying on top of what is working for your competition is even more Vital. SpyFu allows you to do just that. Keep tabs on the competition. Follow what is working for them and implement it for yourself and get some SEO Success.

SEO Tool #10 WhiteSpark: Local SEO Tools & Citation Services

Where do I find it?

What is it? SEO Tools for Local Businesses

Why it is worth it: WhiteSpark is the premier set of tools for local businesses looking to manage their digital presence. Are you or your client a Plumber, Dentist, Electrician, Handyman or other local business that offers a product or service in a specific area? WhiteSpark has a suite of tools to help manage the online presence of these types of companies and maximize their SEO, search engine rank and digital presence.